Minlacowie and Wingfield Droughtmaster Studs

Established in 1967 as Stud no’s 47 and 49.


Minlacowie and Wingfield Droughtmaster Studs

Are run on 3 Properties in the beautiful Callide Valley which boasts some of the best farming and grazing land in Central Queensland. Our Breeders run on a very good Softwood/vine Scrub Block outside of Goovigen where we run 10 Single Sire Herds.

Bulls are grown out at Jambin on a Brigalow, Blackbutt, Belah ex farming block which we continue to improve with Leucaena and a good mix of Progardes and caatinga Stilo. Progardes is a very good high nitrogen fixing legume which thrives in clay rich soils. It has a very long tap root and is drought tolerant, Highly palatable and non toxic.

We also run cull females and grow our heifers on a small block at Jambin which is also improved with 150 acres of Leucaena, Bisset Blue grass and Progardes Legume.


Minlacowie and Wingfield
Droughtmaster Studs

Jason and Sam Spann

  • Pattersons Road, Goovigen
  • Phone: 07 4996 5263
  • Mobile: 0408 002 154

Nicole Mills

  • Earlsfield Road, Jambin
  • Phone: 07 4995 3299
  • Mobile: 0428 910 874
  • Email: spanndroughtmasters@bigpond.com
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